Product Outline

ISOACCESS is a leading sales automation software service provider serving clients in the payments marketplace . The setup was created for ISOs ( merchants of electronic payment services ) to keep track of leads , meetings , tickets , commissions and live accounts from processing networks . Featuring more than 30 current integrations , isoaccess CRM also provides robust reporting for clients in various formats helpful to determine overall performance and progression . Our clients usually do not set up isoaccess CRM , but instead easily access it through a secure and protected website developed and hosted by isoaccess CRM , a certified PCI Level 1 Compliant Service Provider .

We currently incorporate with four major banks in the US and more integrations are on the way .

We have worked with thousands of businesses over these past years nine years to develop , improve , and supply what is now considered one of the most dynamic and personalized CRM solutions with the most affordable cost of ownership available today . This was made possible by the open source environment of our software , allowing us to route the talents of thousands of unique businesses , designers and developers to build an effective suite of CRM tools , and to deliver it through an easy to use , feature-rich , cloud based solution