Our Core Features

Lead Module

  • Import Functionality
  • Find Duplicates - Avoid confusion and clutter by merging duplicate entries. Identical leads and clients are combined into one record with all duplicate information being moved to the record you choose.

Document Module

Manage all documents on your network and avoid wasting time searching. No more going through emails to locate a document – view all shared documents in one place

  • Add URL to PDF – converts the website into a PDF and adds it to the documents
  • Drag and Drop Files


Collect leads in an efficient manner by implementing the Website API tool on any website. Generate and integrate web forms to gather crucial information on leads.


Configure your homepage to reflect exactly what information you want to see. Track, view, and manage notes, meetings, and tasks from the second you log in.

Processor Integration

Manage all documents on your network and avoid wasting time searching. No more going through emails to locate a document – view all shared documents in one place

  • Transactional Activity - Enjoy real-time sales data at your fingertips. Drill down on your data using dates, statuses, and other criteria to stay well-informed about your company’s growth.
    • Batches, Transactions, Deposits, Chargebacks/Retrievals, Statements, Auth Log, Card Type Summary, Ach Returns, Ach Holds, Address Records, Merchant Details, Merchant DDA, Reject Report
    • Eliminate errors during merchant boarding
    • Submit accounts to multiple processors 300% faster
    • Reduce manual effort and training of manual processes

Export center

You have ability to upload a list of mids and populate a dynamic report.

Portal Login

  • Telemarketer
  • Closers/Agent: Allows your sales agents to effectively communicate with merchants by enabling them to track residuals, view leads from referral partners, and manage client history.
  • Supervisor: Supervise your offices from one central place. Access all employee contact information, view real-time analytics comparing sales reports, and manage residual reporting.
  • Office: Allow your sales team to input leads directly into your database. Partners can track their leads to know how valuable they are to your business as well as view their residual payouts.
  • Lender/Syndicate
  • Merchant : Merchants can submit and review documents, report problems, and communicate with the support team. They can also access information, share files, and track submitted

Contact Management

Contacts along with other information in isoaccess is an easy task to look for and customize . Register a contact and then you can check all of contact information and facts , associated messages , telephone call and email communications , marketing campaign meeting histories , documentation and beyond in a straightforward to look at and customize view . Furthermore , find every related records associated with on the right for quick access .


Calendar Management

Integrated calendar , activities , and notification management system ensure you will never ever miss out on another appointment , and with in built record interactions it is easy to be assured that you’ll generally have solutions you need to be successful when ever the precious time comes.

Inventory Management

Manage and monitor your product volumes and services , utilize price books to group various pricing guidelines for various customer groups , work with purchase orders to place orders for products from related vendors , and deliver and track e-payment as well as other settlement requests for goods and services .


Plugins and Integrations

Integrate with Outlook , Gmail , Google Contacts and Calendar , Microsoft Exchange , Quickbooks , phone call systems , and much more . Utilize the integrations to install , obtain , and log phone calls , submit invoices to accounting , generate and receive payments , even more