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MCA Features


ACH payments are simply electronic transfers from one bank account to another. Because they’re electronic, there is no need for paper checks.
Our CRM is integrated with the following ACH payment processors

  • ACH Works
  • First ACH
  • ACH Banking

Using our ACH processors, funds can be credited/debited to the merchants/lenders provided with valid bank account information.


Merchant bank statements provide details such as number of deposits, net deposit amounts, number of NSF transactions, beginning and ending balances monthly and all of these are tracked in the Financial section of this module.


This function allows the entering, tracking, and logging of any activities that can be scheduled, from document submission to calls or appointments in any given day, week month or even year.


A cash advance application is the contract that allows this process to begin and evolve. The module allows tracking from sending the document to the merchant through lead creation, underwriting, submission and completion all the way to funding offers.



  • Credit reports are one of the tools used to determine the merchant’s credit worthiness and what type of funding he qualifies for.
  • This integration allows the report to be pulled directly from the CRM module and stored in the document tab for future reference as needed.
  • Multiple credit bureau reports are available through this module without going to individual sites.


  • Using the integrated eSignature module, PDF files can be sent directly to the merchant whether it is a lead or a contract and allows the merchant to sign the document electronically, eliminating printing, signing and scanning.
  • The transaction is logged in he system, is tracked and updated as it progresses and all documents are uploaded to the document tab as they are generated. The two eSignature API’s currently available are DocuSign and AdobeSign.


Splitting your daily merchant credit card deposits with a funder using FirstData processor or using existing merchant processors.


  • Once the underwriting process is completed, the merchants request for funds will be sent to a individual lenders or to an lending company to get approval.
  • Our CRM is configured with emails of direct lenders who can offer funds at unmatched flexibility and rates.
  • And also we have integrated with the following lending companies.
  • OnDeck – Capital Stack – E Prodigy – Kabbage etc…



  • Lockbox is a bank account controlled by the lender.
  • Splitting your daily merchant credit card deposits using a 3rd bank account in which all deposits are put into.


The collection of a merchant’s historical banking information.



  • Smart documents is a feature in CRM where a link will be sent to a merchant to upload the documents needed for underwriting process.
  • Merchant can upload the document by clicking on the link sent to him. Once documents uploaded it will be mapped to CRM automatically based on category.


We currently support the following syndicates

  • Red Bird
  • Strategic Funding Source (SFS).
  • Pirs
  • Fora Financials
  • Direct Merchant Funding
  • Credibly
  • Forward Finance
  • Wall Street Funding
  • Capital Stack / E Prodigy
  • Arcarius
  • Bizfi
  • Capacity
  • Fundworks
  • Libertas
  • Millstone
  • Motherfund
  • Powerfunding
  • SNAP


  • Underwriting is a process to identify the qualified leads which are eligible for Merchant Cash Advance (MCA).
  • The process includes the verification of the merchants credit/debit card sales, number of NSFs (non-sufficient funds),FICO score,type of business.