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Merchant Services

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Boarding Management

ISO Access has the ability to integrate with every major payments platform, allowing the lead entry process to perfectly meld into completion of an application and submission of a board. Agents are empowered to utilize these tools and move away from paper documents completely, track process from lead inception through boarding success and spend less time pushing paper while allowing more face time with merchants.

Checklist Management

The checklist module allows users to fully customize and create their own unique event checklists minimizing forgotten documents or events and eliminating human error.

Contacts Management

All merchant contact information conveniently stored in one location and easily modified, updated or appended.

Dialer Management

Fully integrated dialer functionality to make, retain, capture and record all interactions with merchants. From lead inception through account support, all calls are easily tracked and recordings can be utilized perpetually.

Email Management

Similar to the dialer integration, all email correspondence can be done through the module allowing all interactions with merchants to be retained in one place for future reference and use.

Equipment Management

A fully functional inventory management module allows equipment to be stored and deployed as needed, associated to individual accounts and tracked from shelf to merchant.

Merchant Portal

Merchant facing portal module allows you to offer your merchants full access to critical information such as transaction, batch and deposit activity, statements, ticketing and chat to allow them to better get response to issues in the fastest way possible.

Product Management

Module allows you to organize and track separately different products being offered to merchant customers, including processing, equipment, cash advance, gateway services, eCommerce, etc.

Residual Management

Making the task of calculating residuals for you or your sub-agents simple, this module can link with any major processing platform and provide the tools to manage multiple levels of payouts. This tool is one of the most powerful and adaptable residual management tools in the industry.

Retention Management

Retention triggers can be set at your discretion allowing notification to you or your reps when accounts stop processing, have reduced volume or other event thresholds. This module is a great tool to assist busy agents in retaining accounts that may be on the verge of leaving or have just made a change.

Social Media Management

Links with most every social media platform allow a one stop management of all outbound and inbound traffic to better market and manage your business.

Ticketing Management

From creation to tracking to completion, all ticketing can be managed to expedite merchant support through multiple departments. This module is linked to other modules for internal tracking and accommodates automatic update of any changes applied to merchant accounts through the ticketing process.